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Is there a way to enable a “wrap around” arrow keys navigation in Mac Finder? Right now, I found that if I have highlighted the first or the last item in a row, I cannot use the left/right arrow key to jump to the row above/below. For example:

finder screenshot

I won’t be taken to the “TTMIK Level 1 Lesson 22 PDF.pdf” file from the current position, if I press the left arrow key. This is pretty annoying, especially when I use quick look to browse through a bunch of files displayed in icons mode. To get this to work, I have to switch to columns or list view, which isn’t always preferred.

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No, this is not possible (at least not without dirty hacks?). What you can do however is to tab through the items.

  • To navigate to the next item, press ⇥
  • To navigate to the previous item, press ⇧⇥

This will also cycle through the items. Therefore, when you've reached the end, you'll start at the beginning.

This also works if Quick Look is activated.

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This is better than nothing, although not as handy as arrow keys. I hope this will get fixed in the future. Thanks for the tip! – Arnold Apr 10 '12 at 21:36

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