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I want to use the right-arrow key to open a node in NERDtree. I see there is NERDTreeAddKeyMap, but I'm too much of a vimscript newb to know how to invoke it properly. I want right-arrow to invoke activateNode. I've done it by adding this line into NERD_tree.vim itself:

exec "nnoremap <silent> <buffer> <Right> :call <SID>activateNode(0)<cr>"

but I want to do it the right way in my .vimrc

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:help NERDTreeAddKeyMap() will show you how to write a small plugin for NERDTree. Because you are calling a built-in NERDTree function you don't even need a custom one.

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I was hoping for more detail here... I know nothing about vimscript. – Ned Batchelder Apr 9 '12 at 14:30

I think that, barring a limitation in the version I'm using (4.2.0), the following will do what you want.

In a mymapping.vim, in ~/.vimfiles/nerdtree_plugin/

" -*- vim -*-
call NERDTreeAddKeyMap({ 'key': "Right", 'scope': "Node", 'callback': "<SID>activateNode" })

Now, to get "Right" to work properly, you'll have to edit NERD_tree.vim, in:

"FUNCTION: KeyMap.bind() {{{3
function! s:KeyMap.bind()


if mapkey =~? '^\([CM]-\|middlerelease\|2-leftmouse\|leftrelease\)'


if mapkey =~? '^\([CM]-\|middlerelease\|2-leftmouse\|leftrelease\|right\)'

The old code didn't do special handling for mapping keys that weren't <MiddleRelease>, <2-LeftMouse>, or <LeftRelease>

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Probably should add that I don't think that you can do it "in your .vimrc" exactly. Because the mapping depends on the plugin being loaded, I think the only way to do it is in a separate file like I outline above. – pottsdl Apr 20 '12 at 16:49

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