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In Ubuntu I've been using:

cd ~/theApp

to get to a frequently used directory. Is there a Windows equivalent? I'm looking for a sym link (via mklink) that is available no matter where I am. Would placing a sym link somewhere in my PATH do the trick? I need it to be accessible via Powershell as well.

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In Linux the '~' (tilde) character is just a shortcut to the users home directory. The equivalent in Windows is the environment variable '%USERPROFILE%'. You might be able to assign that something more convenient, such as '~', but I don't have my windows box running to test that out for you.

Last time I checked Powershell didn't have mklink, but it should follow links set by cmd.exe.

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you can do a mklink in powershell with cmd /c mklink "wd" c:\dev\code – jcollum Apr 9 '12 at 18:52

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