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I'd like to set up a password for my VLC's http interface server. I'm using VLC 2.x on Ubuntu Precise. How do I set this up? I see numerious mentions online of it being possible.

Ideally, I'd like the username and password to apply for the whole interface, not just files. However, I did find that documentation that creating an .accesss file in a directory will protect the contents of that directory. The docs say you need only echo "foo:bar" > .access in the directory and it'll work. I can't even get that to work though.

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I'll second this - I can't get this to work for anything, and by default you can use the web interface to browse every single file on the computer... which is a pretty large security hole. – Tony Maro Jul 13 '12 at 14:36

In VLC 2.0.x only IP based control is possible.

In VLC 2.1.x and later, the option 'http-password' as added for this purpose.


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