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I want to use a different shell when Im scping files to a remote server as compared to when Im logging in. Is there a way to do this? Note that both scp/remote login is done with the same user, so I cant assign scponly as the shell.

The reason I want to do this is because I want my bash_profile to be executed only when I remote login not when Im scping files.


Ok so the problem really is my bashrc being executed not my bash_profile as I mentioned before. I source my bashrc from my bash_profile to keep things in one place. I image if I could specify scp to use a shell other than bash then the problem would go away.

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Your ~/.bash_profile isn't executed when SCP:ing. I tested this by adding

echo "$(date)" >> "${HOME}/test"

to the end of ~/.bash_profile and looking at tail -f ~/test. On SSH login, a new line was written. On SCP access, a new line was not written.

Have you noticed some unwanted behavior, or did you just assume that it would be a problem?

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