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I am looking for a tail, gui or console based, that would be able to filter and color messages from tomcat based on their level: INFO, WARN, ERROR, CRITICAL.

Another feature that is quite importat would be to be able to scroll back, a lot.

  • So far I eliminated Splunk (commercial solution), as far I fount it too hard to setup.
  • tried multitail but scrolling seems too awakard, also no filetring detected
  • tried mtail - no filtering, coloring
  • good older tail
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I like to use ccze for that

tail -f /var/log/tomcat.log | ccze
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Shameless plug: I wrote a tool called TxtStyle that does something similar as the options mentioned earlier. You can run it as follows:

tail -f /var/log/syslog | txts --regex '\d+'

You can also define named styles in the config file (~/.txts.conf) and use it like so:

ifconfig | txts --name ifconfig

(ifconfig style is defined out of the box)

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