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I have an ASUS X58 motherboard with a Intel ICH10R southbridge raid controller. Bootable raid-1 SATA disks are on channels 4, 5. Secondary raid-1 SATA disks are on channels 0,1. Everything was working OK until one time I removed the secondary disks and booted successfully but after I shut down and reinstalled the secondary disks rebooting fails with a "Please insert proper boot item" error. If I remove the secondary disks and reboot then do a hot-install of the disks after booting completes, then all is OK. Do I have a raid setup problem or is it something I can fix with Disk Manager.

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Check the bios boot priority settings, also check to see which sata port secondary drive is connected to, maybe try another port. – Moab Apr 11 '12 at 15:22
I will try changing ports; I've found that the Intel Matrix storage manager called by the bios is assigning the secondary disk as ID 0 and thinks it's bootable even though Disk Manager and the Intel Matrix Storage console show that its not a system volume. The primary bootable disk is getting assigned ID 1 so apparently the bios is trying to boot off the secondary disk. I hope that by physically changing ports the ID assignments get swapped. – PaulP Apr 11 '12 at 19:32
Changing port assignments didn't fix problem - but I did find that in the boot priority list, the bios only allowed selection of the secondary disk that it thought was bootable. The primary disk had a raid manager assigned name of Volume0:1 and the secondary disk was named Volume0:2. I changed both names (to System1 & Data1) and that fixed the problem! – PaulP Apr 12 '12 at 23:29

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