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Vlookup and match seem to be searching based on the function I have in my cell rather than the value i have in the cell. I have a column with dates, (ex: C2, which has the formula =E2&"/"&F2&"/"&D2 in them, for example). (where E2, F2, D2 are the year, month, and date).

In another sheet and column, I have a bunch of dates, and i'm using the formula

=VLOOKUP(C2,'sheet2'!A1:B252,2,FALSE), which doesn't work. (returns #N/A)

If I replace C2 with the same date, but without the formula (just typing it in), VLOOKUP works. Why is this?

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Replace this formula


with this

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That worked like a charm, thanks! – Brandon S. Apr 11 '12 at 8:29

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