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I've a Dell Latitude D630 running WinXP with the Intel integrated graphics. I believe the display is failing on this - or something certainly is. I also have a D820 with the nVidia graphics, currently running Vista.

I would like to put the hard-drive from the faulty D630 directly into the D820 - since they are so similar I figured this might be possible? Is it likely to work?

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It may work. I have done this between a 620 and 820 and there were minimal issues. A quick install of drivers addressed issues. As I have used a GHOST image from 820 and 830 systems almost interchangably, It should be possible once drivers are addressed.

Video is a common issue as is wireless and wired ethernet. Enter the service tag from the "new" laptop and get all drivers on a CD or USB drive so you can update once the swap is done.

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