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I have a set up for live shows using Ableton and Reason. I typically open the Ableton file, wait until it loads and then open Reason. The reason for this is because Reason acts as a slave to Ableton, so Ableton must finish loading before Reason starts.

I tried this (with single and double ampersands), but it wants to open both of them at the same time.

open "~/first_file.als" & open "~/second_file.rns"

If this can be done with AppleScript instead, I'd be willing to do that. I'm using Alfred to run the command.


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The principal problem is that you can't tell when an application has finished loading a file. The open command is non-blocking and just fires away. The -W switch will make it block until the application is quit again. I can only think of manual sleep timers here. – slhck Apr 12 '12 at 8:13
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try letting your command sleep for a few seconds (or however long it takes ableton to load)



open "~/first_file.als" 
sleep 10
open "~/second_file.rns"
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You could use AppleScript — its open commands block the script until an application has finished opening a file.

osascript -e 'tell app "Live"
open POSIX file ((system attribute "HOME") & "/Audio/Template Project/Template.als")
tell app "Finder" -- open in the default application
open POSIX file "/Library/Desktop Pictures/Beach.jpg" as alias
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You can achieve this with one line.

open "~/first_file.als" ; sleep 5 ;  open "~/second_file.rns"

NOTE: Adjust the sleep time as needed.

Unfortunately a sleep may indeed be necessary depending on what you are truly wanting to achieve.

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