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I was looking into setting up a bunch of Apple Airport Express devices (the old 802.11g models) around my house so that I could stream music to any room.... however these are a bit more expensive then I was hoping (around $50-60) or a used one. Are there any other good, inexpensive options out there for streaming audio wirelessly around the house?

I'm fine with them all playing the same thing, I don't need separate "zones". Also it would be great if they could just stream what ever happens to be playing on the host computer (Windows 7 in my case)... so basically I could just play audio from any application and it would be heard from each device.

Any thoughts?

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Found two current options, and one that appears to be no longer available (but you might be able to find it somewhere or perhaps Ebay)

Linksys WMB54G Wireless-G Music Bridge - $75. Not sure if this is expandable (i.e. you can have multiple endpoint units).

Creative Labs Xmod Wireless Music System with X-Fi Technology 70SB083000004 ($56.99 for a base station + single receiver) - this one is expandable beyond a single receiver unit, and you can purchase additional receiver units separately, though I can't seem to find any on Amazon at the moment.

Radio Shack 2.4GHz Audio Link with USB Connection - not sure how much these are (can't find a price online), nor am I certain that you can expand them past a single receiver unit, but you might want to investigate it... if you have a Radio Shack (ahem, I mean "The Shack") location nearby, maybe they have some stashed away in a back room or on the clearance table.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but this might be a starting point. Googling "wireless music streaming" or "wireless music system" or some such might be helpful as well.

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The Linksys unit is actually available for around $25 IIRC, but PLEASE DO NOT BUY IT IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY. Seriously, it's terrible. I suggest springing for the Apple product. – tnorthcutt Sep 15 '09 at 1:16

This is what you may need: Belkin Music Receiver.

Read about that sound quality drops at small distances.

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