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I know there are a lot of questions that seems identical, but I haven't found so far my answer.

So let's figure I'm in the current working directory : /test/ I would like to add to an archive 'test.tar.gz' which will be in /test/archive/ all the files that are contained in /test/files/ and then delete this directory files/

I tried :

tar -cz -C archive -f "test.tar.gz" -C files ./* && rm -rf files

But no success.

Any thoughts ?

Thanks ! Nico

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tar zcvf archive/test.tar.gz -C files/ . && rm -f files/* – dAm2K Apr 12 '12 at 14:40
$ tar -zcvf archive/test.tar.gz files

$ tar -zcvf archive/test.tar.gz -C files .

depending on how you want your tar structured.

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A single command like this will work assuming you are already in /test

(tar -cvf - ./files/* | gzip >./archive/test.tar.gz) && rm -rf files

By using - we are spewing the output of tar command onto stdout and then piping it to gzip which in turn re-directs its output to ./archive

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