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Just got a "Trust" webcam, which gets recognized on my Ubuntu Lucid. It has a built in microphone - which also gets recognized - however, I cannot really get it to act as the system microphone input?

Here are some screenshots of what is shown by gnome-volume-control:

The default window shows Trust webcam - which has two profiles: "Analog Mono Input" and "Off" - of course, I have it on "Analog Mono Input":


However, on the "Input" tab - there is no matching "device for sound input" - neither a matching connector:


Then I installed pavucontrol - but that doesn't show that much more; it tells first that gnome-volume-control reads from "Internal Audio Analog Stereo":


Then in "Input devices" tab, there is again nothing resembling the mic input from webcam:


Finally, under "Configuration" tab, the "Trust" webcam shows, but even if its profile is on "Analog Mono Input", nothing much happens:



So, does anyone know how I could get this webcam microphone to be recognized as the system input?

Many thanks in advance for any answers,

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This question is related: linux - Sound input issue with skype, selecting a microphone? - Unix and Linux - Stack Exchange - however, notice that (as per that answer) even with a skype call running, I can never select the microphone for the webcam ... – sdaau Apr 13 '12 at 16:11
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Hmmm.. another day, another reboot ... and now, for some reason, all the needed devices show ?!

Note that I'm booting Ubuntu Lucid from a USB key (with persistent mode)... And the only difference I can see in respect to the OP, is that in the OP, the system was booted first - and then the camera attached; while now, the camera was already attached while the system was booting... Cannot really tell if that makes a difference.

However here are some screenshots; first of gnome-volume-control:


... and also of pavucontrol:


Well, nice this got sorted on its own (sort of) :) Other than that, hope this can assist someone else in similar situation..


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