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In parted you're supposed to be able to delete a partition, make a new one, and your data will still be there. It's gone. Nothing, not even testdisk is finding the partition. If I do the same stuff to a partition at the beginning of the disk, everything is fine, but this one starts 4221GB out. What am I to do?

Reply: Every instructional bit says to delete the partition, make a bigger one, and use the e2fsprogs stuff to resize it. As I said, on a test partition at the beginning of the disk, it works just fine. It's not a single disk, it's a RAID6 array, so there's no worry for it just dying. Most people can't afford to build a second machine to hold another 8 TB of data.

Reply2: It doesn't change the fact that a partition at the beginning of the disk, I can delete, make a new partition, and it will still be there.

Reply3: The instructions that say to do this are all over the place, so I'm not going to link to any. I had to use existing hardware to build this server. I don't have a few thousand dollars to build another box with another RAID card, the same number of drives, and the appropriate case. I still want to know why when I delete a partition situated at the beginning and recreate it, it's just fine, but anything in the middle of the disk dies when I do this. I tried testdisk. It finds all kinds of crap that doesn't make any logical sense, and nothing relating to the partition that existed. PhotoRec finds stuff, but does a horrible job, and most files are aligned to 2MB. I don't get why if the data is there and was never overwritten, it can't be recovered. I never had this much trouble with NTFS.

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Delete and recreate is supported explicitly? I know it can resize, & move, but I'm surprised to hear it supports delete and recreate. – uSlackr Apr 13 '12 at 13:00
"What am I to do?" - recover from backup. An annoying "answer", but correct. If you have your data on only a single disk, a disk that will (not "can"; definitely "will") break one day and take all its contents with it, then it can not have been important data. Especially not if you started to play with partition tables in this way. I also don't believe that one can reliably delete a partition, make a new one and recover like this - it does not really make sense (what if the new partition is smaller than the old? Does it cut files in half?). Resizing for sure, but that is an explicit option. – Daniel Andersson Apr 13 '12 at 13:18
You are wrong - every instructions bit does NOT say delete and recreate. The docs suggest to me that you should have moved the partition. The data is likely gone unless you have a backup. – uSlackr Apr 13 '12 at 13:39
Please provide a link to those "instructions" which told you to delete the partition, because those need to be corrected. – Bobby Apr 13 '12 at 13:51
Also, I know this might take some time, but did you let testdisk look for files? – Bobby Apr 13 '12 at 13:52

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