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I have MP3 file and the contents are continuous and slow. Is there any tool, which converts them to fast speed.

I am aware of the fact that with VLC, i can play fast. But, the problem is every time i have to fix the speed of the player.

The Question is, i dont want to manipulate/tweak every time i play the file. I wish to have permanent solution to play the slow playing MP3 files to play fast (some thing like saving the file with fast speed etc).

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check Increase Speed of MP3 With Command-Line Tool – nik Apr 14 '12 at 5:11

Audacity will allow you to change the timing settings so you can play it at its correct speed. It's free and an excellent audio editing tool.

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SoX's speed predicate will allow you to adjust the speed of the audio file. tempo might also be useful.

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