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I have a unique situation where I'd like to stream audio (ALL audio, not just mp3s, etc) from my laptop to another computer over the network. I live in a studio apartment and my laptop is my main computer but I'd like it's audio to play on my htpc with a nice stereo system. Since it's a studio, both computers are in the same room so I don't want 2 sets of speakers. I want my computer to directly play back through the stereo.

I used to do this with pulseaudio but my job now requires that I run Windows full time. I'm aware of Shoutcast and other similar streaming solutions but I don't want any transcoding done. It's a waste of CPU and not to mention my laptop fans, and I don't mind the network bandwidth that uncompressed audio requires. Is there a way to run Shoutcast without encoding?

Also, I know that Windows Remote Desktop can play audio over the network pretty easily. Is this part of .Net that I could just code a simple app that streams the audio without RD'ing in?

I also don't want to run it over a physical wire. :)


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