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Let's say I've a folder c:\SharedFolder which I want to share with EVERYONE. I'm able to share it. So entering \\MachineName in windows explorer shows this folder. And everyone can access it via \\MachineName\SharedFolder.

But \\MachineName\c$\SharedFolder isn't accessible via explorer. I'm assuming that's probably because \\MachineName\c$ isn't shared.

Is that assumption right?

Obviously I don't want to share c$. So I'm wondering if it is possible still to expose \\MachineName\c$\SharedFolder?

OS: Windows 7, Server 2008

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You can access to \\MachineName\SharedFolder because you set the correct sharing permission AND file permission.

You can't access to \\MachineName\c$ just because c$ is shared with acces only for admin. So every folder inside it can't be reached.
If you want everyone to access to your c$, you have to share it for everyone. You correctly said this is a very bad idea..

For a folder to be correctly shared, you have to:
1 - setup the correct rights on the share
2 - setup the correct rights on files and folders
Often we set every rights for everybody on the share (never do that for c$), and we configure the correct rights for files and folders.

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so in short answer to 2nd question is no. Right? – Ankush Apr 15 '12 at 9:07
You can expose c$ to everyone only if you "open" the share to everyone. So the answer is... depend. But no, you musn't. Ever. – Gregory MOUSSAT Apr 15 '12 at 13:37

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