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Over time my Brother printer has started printing horizontal gray/black lines on all the print-outs.

More recently, it has started cutting off parts of the words on the left column on the page.

Everything else prints out fine.

I just can't use it for official documents (say Tax returns and such) because the page looks a bit 'dirty'.

It's almost as if I had changed the background color of the pages to light grey....that's how bad it is.


P.S. I have seen this ever since the end of the last ink cartridge, and it has carried on into the new one.

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I've got a 2070 - my manual has instructions for cleaning inside the printer and for cleaning the corona wire - I'd try that first. After that it's probably a replacement drum.

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tried that...but they don't work. The drum was recently replaced. The light on the printer isn't even blinking :( – marcamillion Apr 14 '12 at 23:02

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