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I want to clone my Windows 7 system into a image file and boot it from my Xen vm. Windows 7 has a boot partition and a system partition. I know there are plenty of tools in Linux that can clone a partition into a image file. But I have no idea how to clone two partitions into one image file, and also keep the partition meta.

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Sysinternals disk2vhd can write a single VHD file with multiple partitions on it (including the System Reserved Partition). The resulting VHD will mount in Windows 7 as multiple partitions.

As for whether it'll boot up in Xen right away, you'd have to try it and see. There are other issues involved there, like drivers and such.

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thanks a lot. I think after the partitions are converted, the most pressing issue would be the boot loader. – davidshen84 Apr 16 '12 at 4:09

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