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My phone records in .amr and my mp3 player can't play them, what's the simplest way to convert them?

Phone is Nokia C3-10 and mp3 player is an iPod classic, but I can easily get files off and on those two, I just need a nice simple bit of software to convert in between.

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You could use either a dedicated media converter program (like this one), or a general purpose audio editor like Audacity.

If you go for Audacity, make sure to also get the LAME encoder (to be able to export to MP3 format) and the FFmpeg library (to be able to read AMR files).

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I'll recommend you the Freemake audio converter. Its completely free and supported many format.

enter image description here

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This was a quick and easy way to do this several years later. The interface is different now but it works. – Byron Wall Jan 11 at 2:43

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