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Some months ago I needed a small keyboard and bought an Okion KM229 without noticing that it has no Home or End key. This makes it tricky to type as I'm so used to using these keys. I haven't yet figured out if there is a key combination that issues Home and End keystrokes. Does anyone have experience of these keyboards and know how to issue those keystrokes? The keyboard is used on a PC running Windows XP.

I have used the contact form on the Okion USA web site to ask this question but received no response.

Wikipedia suggests that Home and End keystrokes are issued with Fn-Left and Fn-Right on some limited size keyboards. I may have tried those but don't remember for sure. I will try them again though when I am on site again in a week or so. Any other thoughts would be welcomed in the meantime.

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Fn-Left and Fn-Right is fairly standard for Home/End. –  Daniel R Hicks Apr 15 '12 at 21:19

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Your best shot, in lieu of finding out if your keyboard has a proper key combo for this, is probably to use a program such as AutoHotkey to assign a key combination as a hotkey for the Home and End keys.

For example the following would assign Win + H to the Home key and Win + E to the End key.


Simply install AutoHotkey, save those two lines to a file, HomeEnd.ahk for example, and run the newly created file, this should give you access to the Home and End keys via the hotkeys I mentioned.

Autohotkey also has a "compiler" that can convert a script into an executable by bundling the script and interpreter together so that you only have one thing to execute and don't need to install AutoHotkey on every machine. You could simply have your compiled script on a USB key.

The documentation for AutoHotkey may also be of use to assign the keys to whatever key combo you like.

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I'm familiar with AutoHotkey and will consider using it if I don't find any trick native to the keyboard. –  Steve Crane Apr 15 '12 at 18:54

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