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My current setup is this. We have two apartments

Network A Computer A -> Wireless Router A <- Cable Modem A <- Comcast Internet Subscription A

Network B Computer B -> Wireless Router B <- Cable Modem B <- Comcast Internet Subscription B

I want to create a bridge between A and B such that the two are on the same network. I want to be able to iTunes home sharing, share library, etc between the networks. Therefore Computer A would have one IP address signed to it, say and Computer B would have another IP on the same network or something like that.

I would prefer the bridge be over Wi-Fi as opposed to direct ethernet cable. Is this possible, and if so what's the best solution?

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See this discussion which is almost the same:… – David Mackintosh Sep 14 '09 at 22:30

You should examine the linked superuser question as linked by David

As far as a wifi bridge you would probably need a router running dd-wrt with custom iptables to preform the routing between networks

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if you want to maintain the 2 separate internet connections, the easiest (and cheapest) way to achieve the goal is fitting an additional network adapter into each PC and connect them with a crossover network cable. of course you can use 2 WLAN adapters (PCI or USB) and a wireless router (but that's more expensive).

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What you want is WDS but it depends on whether your routers support that feature.

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