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Iam very new to Mac OS, also i have build the application for Mac on windows XP OS and it created floders in target folder such as build , classes,plugins, plugins-dev and xxx_app. I read some post that in Mac we can access app from .app floder. Folder structure goes like this xxx_app-->>contents-->MacOS and xxx_app-->>contents-->Reources. So which file have to invoke to open app in MacOS and where it will be located.


Do i have to zip complete target folder and provide to client or only app folder or only app floder.

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That folder structure, that ends with .app is a Mac OS X application bundle.

When you say "access the app" - I'm assuming you mean "run this program". From the command prompt on a Mac OS system, you can run the application by giving the path to its application bundle. For example:

$ open /Applications/

will launch iTunes.

As to giving the binary to your client: again, the application bundle folder should be sufficient; assuming your program has no other dependencies that are in the target directory.

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