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I have a Lenovo i3 processor, 500GB HDD & 2GB RAM & installed with windows 7 OS...when I install with windows XP, at time of installing I am getting blue screen error.. could you please give me a solution for the same.

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Blue screens are almost always hardware or driver problems. As you are installing, the former seems to be the place to start. A first step would be to ensure all connections (including RAM and CPU to motherboard) connections are good. – Richard Apr 16 '12 at 11:04

Windows XP does not have the proper SATA driver. So you might have to disable in BIOS SATA AHCI to SATA Legacy/IDE mode.

Since you are going back in time anyway disabling AHCI would not affect you because XP is slower than Windows 7 anyway.

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What was the blue screen message otherwise it could be anything we have no idea what it relates to. did it give you an error code?

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