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I'm trying to print part of a webpage. To begin with, when I try printing this, (from IE 8), only page one printes, without anything but the header.

To get around this issue, I tried printing setting the page range to the selection option, but didn't like how the page came out. How can I preview what a printed page would look like, if I want to only print selected text?

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Try clicking on Page in the upper right. Choose Style -> None. After this, the page will become more plain looking. Now try a Print Preview.

My next idea would be saving the file "Save As" and choose Text. Then edit / print the text file.

Otherwise you may have better luck copying /pasting what you need into MS-Word. Or try with another web browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

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This helps, it adds 7 pages, making the total 8 pages. Page one however doesn't change. Its still just the header, then a blank page. You addressed my problem, but didin't answer the question. Can you try answering how to view the preview print for a page range? – wizlog Apr 17 '12 at 16:29

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