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Like many of you I overuse tabs in Firefox, currently I've about 180 open tabs (my record is ~ 800) and that reduces my productivity since I'm always browsing between them to find the one I need, Closy helps to do some cleaning up but I'm missing a "order tabs by domain" like feature.

What is the less resource hungry extension that provides me such a feature and is compatible with the latest version of Firefox?

Many Thanks in advance!

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Group/Sort Tabs

Group your tabs by hostname.

Sort your tabs by last opened date, hostname, or last browsed date. Intelligently handles the opening/restoration of multiple tabs at once, only sorting when the URL of all opened tabs is known.

Sorts tabs immediately upon navigating to a different URL, prior to full page load.

Tabs can be manually moved into other groups.

download the latest version here: Group/Sort Tabs 2.0 (works with 3.5.x)

enter image description here

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+1, perfect. This is the one I was trying to locate. My usual method is to keep minimal tabs open which is why this addon was lost on me. – nik Sep 15 '09 at 3:33
Hmmm, can't recollect if the grouping actually allowed stacks rather than proximity like this screen shoot... maybe, that was just what I wished for at the time :-) – nik Sep 15 '09 at 3:35
This seems great but I'm having a really hard time sorting any tab with Firefox 3.5.3. – Alix Axel Sep 15 '09 at 13:01
well, the screenshot above is taken from FF 3.5.3, works fine for me. – Molly7244 Sep 15 '09 at 13:40

This Tab Kit extension might help. Thought, I do not remember the exact small addon that could just collect tabs by domains into stacks of tabs (like Windows taskbar does).

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Not a solution, more a suggestion. Yeah, things like Tabkit are great, but could I suggest a slightly more organised system? Maybe a separate FF window for different applications- news, communication, development, research,... Or greater use of (grouped) bookmarks perhaps. Just an idea of course and feel free to ignore it, but I reckon that the best organiser is the human brain!

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Tab Kit !

  • Group tabs, by domain or opener (parent) tab, manually or automatically
  • Vertical tab tree (with splitter), like Tree Style Tab
  • Multi-row tabs
  • Sort tabs, by address, last loaded, last viewed, order of creation, origin or title
  • Control new tab position and close order
  • Easily duplicate tabs and groups and copy/move them between windows by dragging
  • Scrollwheel tab switch
  • 'Mouse rocker' to go back/forward in history
  • Highlight unread tabs (and emphasise current tab)
  • Scrollbar instead of scroll arrows in over-long Bookmarks and All Tabs popups
  • Open Selected Links feature
  • Switch tabs on hover
  • Options for urls, searches and/or bookmarks to open in new tabs by default

(I don't know why they use such low resolution examples, it makes it look like a horrible annoying toolbar sometimes, but it really isn't. You can turn the "stacking" feature shown here, off.):

alt text

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