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edit: I successfully user KeyTweak to remap the keys. However doing so remaps them for all keyboard layouts. Is there a way to remap them only for my custom layout (created, as I said earlier, with MS Layout Creator), and leaving them intact for other layouts?

I'm using an Apple Wide Keyboard, and I've remapped most keys to my tastes using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, however apparently it won't let me remap neither the modifier keys nor some keys on the right part of the keyboard.

ps: sharpkeys isn't working very nice, doesn't detect left alt at all, neither fn or eject.

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If you are comfortable writing scripts, try AutoHotkey . As I have no Apple Wide Keyboard, I can't tell you the codes for the keys you listed, but if you run AutoHotkey, double-click on the systray icon, press Ctrl+K, press those keys then press F5 to see a list of the most recent keys pressed. For info on writing your script, see this AutoHotkey tutorial.

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Going to try, thx – o0'. Apr 20 '12 at 12:10
AutoHotkey was quite confusing, however its help pointed me out to use KeyTweak, which did work. I'm going to re-elaborate my question, but if I don't get new answers I'll just give the bounty here. – o0'. Apr 26 '12 at 8:02
Thanks for the bounty, Lohoris. Hope KeyTweak has worked out for you. – Gnubie Apr 30 '12 at 16:31
I found a script for ahk to do this, but it doesn't work on win7 64 bit (using ahk64). The original requires DLLCalls to user32.dll to get the current keyboard layout. Haven't found a fix yet. – jiggunjer Jun 22 at 3:05

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