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Is it possible to disable new profile creation in Firefox? Or password protect new profile creation?

The problem is there is no point in installing say site blocking add-ons because anyone can create a new profile and access any site they want.

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Are you aware of other problems with this approach to parental control? Like, the user may simply delete the add on file from the profile? – gaazkam Mar 14 at 21:28

If you don't give your users administrator access, then it should be enough to revoke write privileges on


The location of this file may vary depending on your setup.

Note that this file is straightforward, so you can keep control of what profile is loaded as well.

Site blocking is best done at the perimeter however.

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This approach unfortunately doesn’t work. Even if you revoke write perms on this file, it is still possible to create a new profile and immediately use it. The profile won’t be registered in this file though, so it won’t appear in the Profile Manager next time, but hey, nothing stops you to create a yet another profile. This way, by creating throwaway profiles each time you start Firefox, you can bypass the parental control add-on. – gaazkam Mar 14 at 21:27

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