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Some apps in Metro have a panel that is double the size of a smaller panel. These apps include Photos, Music, People, Desktop, etc... I can change between the states by right clicking on them, and use the "larger" or "smaller" buttons.

Other apps, including apps that you pin on your own, don't have a "larger" panel option. Is there any work-around to enable this? I've seen somewhere that you could change the image of a wide paneled app, but i haven't found anything about an app that has no "larger" mode.


I have an app in metro, i want it to have a big panel like some of the other apps.

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Did you write the application? If so, search on for how to implement a "wide tile". If you didn't, there's almost certainly nothing you can do - the app doesn't support wide tiles. Presumably the developer didn't come up with a compelling Live Tile story - the most important use for wide tiles.

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Is there a way to edit the app's code, or some sort of settings file, and make a wide tile of my own for the app, even if i didn't create it? – Rodik May 2 '12 at 9:23

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