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I know there are many related questions, but I wasn't able to solve my problem.

Problem: No internet on guest Ubuntu


  1. Host OS: Windows XP
  2. Guest OS: Ubuntu 11.10
  3. VM software: VMWare Player
  4. Internet access on host via organization LAN, with company firewalls installed.
  5. VMWare Tools installed

Approaches tried:

  1. Tried sharing my LAN connection with other users. (Properties -> Advanced -> "Allow other users...")
  2. Tried changing the option from LAN to bridge connections. (VM Settings)

Though, I'm not sure if I attempted the above approaches correctly, especially considering that I don't know much about how these settings work and also considering the company firewall that exists.

If you think this question has be asked already, it would help if you could point to the right link.

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Turns out I had to set the Network proxy.

Here's how I did it:

  1. Go to System Settings
  2. Choose Network under Hardware
  3. Select Network proxy on the left pane
  4. Select Manual under the Method dropdown
  5. Set the HTTP Proxy and port number based on what your organization uses

I'm not exactly sure what's happening here. I had to ask someone in my company for the details to fill in step 5.

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