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I'm trying to build pkgsrc on RHEL 5.2 using:

./bootstrap --prefix=$HOME/$( uname -m )/pkg --unprivileged

I burned some time tracking down an error caused by having MAKEFLAGS set to "--no-print-directory" (useful with gnu-make, but an error with bmake, and bmake's phenomenally useful feature of printing a usage statement instead of erroring out with an indication of the unrecognized option put me in a bit of a mood) and suspect that the current problem is something similar.

The bootstrap runs to completion, but the only file that gets installed is ${prefix}/etc/mk.conf. The make install in pkgtools/pkg_install does not actually do anything (but it succeeds and emits no errors). The command that bootstrap runs (that does nothing) is:

${wrkdir}/bin/bmake USE_DESTDIR=no -DPKG_PRESERVE \
    MAKECONF=${wrkdir}/mk.conf install

If I add a -n, I see exactly one line of output: true. If I remove the -DPKG_PRESERVE MAKECONF=${wrkdir}/mk.conf arguments, the install appears to succeed and ${prefix} is populated with files as expected. Similarly if I set MAKECONF=/dev/null. Since ${wrkdir}/mk.conf is built by bootstrap and looks pretty innocuous (it is just 10 variable assignments), my question is: what's wrong with it? Are the files that get installed when not using those assignments useful? And, mostly, what might there be in my environment that is causing the error?

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Arghhh. I had BUILD_DIR defined. Perhaps the documentation should specify running:

env -i ./bootstrap ...
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