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On every OS I have ever been on I have found a way to find in files. That is obtain a list of files that have a certain values in them.

So it would seem that the Finder is the place to start. Not seeing an obvious option to "find in files", I checked help. In fact I searched help for "find in files". Nothing appears.

Does anyone know where the Finder option is for doing this? Or is this a really unusual thing to want to find files based on content rather than a file name.

I realize that I could open a shell window and try to recall the find and grep combination that solves all, however I prefer to do it through the GUI.

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Click the loupe at the top right (either in the menu bar or any Finder window). It's your access to Spotlight, the search utility in OS X.

In the results (click Show all), you can select Contents instead of File name.

To further narrow down your search, click the small + icon on the right. You could then select the kind of files, restrict your results to a certain size, etc.

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