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I've defined a dynamic function in powershell, like this:

> function test { dir -r -fil *.vbproj | ft directory, name }

Then I can just type test and run that function, piping it to other commands, etc. Pretty handy.

Is there a way I can get the definition of the command? Can I echo out the code for my function test? (Without having to go back through my history to where I defined it?)

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For a function called test:


Or if the function name contains a hyphen (eg. test-function):



(Get-Command test).Definition
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(Get-Command Test).Definition

That is how I normally get definitions.

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The current answers will only work for functions that have been created locally. You can, for example, see the definition of native functions like Get-EventLog.

For a list of all the available functions, you can run:

Get-ChildItem Function::

Any of these can be passed into ${function:myFn} or (Get-Command myFn).Definition

If you want to peek at native functions, you can run [the following code][1:

$metadata = New-Object (Get-Command Get-EventLog)
[]::Create($MetaData) | out-file C:\Get-EventLog.ps1
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