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I intend to move my webserver (ubuntu) from php to django.

I have working php scripts, and have tested some django locally. Now I want to run both on my webserver, but following various tutorials for setting up django (with mod_wsgi) has led to internal server errors.

Is there something fundamental I am missing?


I am okay with running django out of a different port for now. I haven't pulled that off with virtual hosts yet.

I am also okay with running django out of a subfolder, but I feel that may make the django code harder to develop across local/remote machines.

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500 errors always leave something in server logs. Check them out and post here if there will still be any questions. – ilvar Apr 19 '12 at 5:20

Do you mind giving providing us with:

  1. apache configuration you used to set this up
  2. output from the error logs ? 5xx errors must leave something in apache error logs

without the above we may just be playing some sort of guessing game... But to answer your question - it is possible to run php and django on the same server - should in fact be possible to run it in the same virtual host.

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