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I'm trying to configure p4 (Perforce) on Solaris, but have had no success. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?

Reference: - "Using Config files"

  1. User specific env variable P4CONFIG=.p4settings
  2. .p4settings file under Client root
  3. Client root: $HOME/client_root/
  4. .p4settings contains p4user, p4port, p4host and p4client

If I run the following:

p4 info

Expected result:

User name: ...
Client name: ...

Observed result:

Perforce client error:
        Connect to server failed; check $P4PORT.
        TCP connect to perforce failed.
        perforce: host unknown.
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Figured it out myself!

It was with the way I set the environment variable in the .profile file.


export P4CONFIG=.p4settings



The official documentation on the Solaris website doesn't mention anything about having to use "export".

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