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I just did an SVN update and found a weird .pptx file that I cannot open. (When I double-click, it does not open.) Then when I right click on the file, it shows only a small amount of options I can do enter image description here

rather than the other normal .pptx files I can open that when I right click, it shows: enter image description here

How can I get around this? Or rather, what is wrong with this file? I think it has something to do with file permissions but other than that have no clue. Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks!

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This is a .pptx (Microsoft Office Power Point 2007) file right? Can you use a hexviewer to check the file header? Maybe it's corrupt due to an incomplete transfer. – Christopher Wilson Apr 19 '12 at 2:02
Is there something wrong with the filename? ie could it possibly contain strange characters? What do you see if you do dir *.pptx in that directory from the command prompt? The file is already under revision control, right? Can you delete the file and update again? – paddy Apr 19 '12 at 3:39
It's also possible that the file was somehow created with no permissions... You could try adding the 'Take Ownership' option to your context menu: link – paddy Apr 19 '12 at 3:44
@paddy: there is no strange character in the filename. I do see the file when I do dir *.pptx in that directory. Strange thing is that I cannot delete the file inside that folder, but I can delete the whole folder. However when I update again, the bizarre behavior seems to be still present. I also don't have the 'Take Ownership' option since I am using Windows XP. Thanks! – O_O Apr 20 '12 at 18:41
@ChristopherWilson Yes, this is a Microsoft Office Power Point 2007 file. Not quite sure how to use a hex editor to check to see that the file header is correct, but I deleted it and reupdated, but the same thing happens. This doesn't seem to be a problem for others getting the same file in the svn repository. :(... – O_O Apr 20 '12 at 18:43
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For the sake of others who may be having the same problem, it seems like SVN has a directory/filename character limit. If I checked out the intermediate folder and its contents, I was able to open the files. To fix this problem, do a Rename... to the long folder names...

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