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I have a Linux-based operating system installed on a virtual machine and I have its VMDK file. Can I install this OS as a standalone OS, working on a separate machine, using this VMDK file?

I made some configuration and settings on it, and now it's working as I want, so now I simply want to move it to a standalone machine.

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This seems to be a guide: – erikxiv Apr 19 '12 at 6:34

Treat it the same way you'd treat any restore from one physical system to another physical system - Boot up the VM in vmware , image it as you would any system, say with clonezilla and restore it to the physical system.

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Do you have vmware tools inside VMDK? Then it is a no go, and in any way it is best to make fresh install and use VMDK just to get package lists, configurations and data.

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