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The escape key on my work notebook (with Windows XP SP3) stopped working some days ago.

It is not a hardware problem, because:

  • It happens both with the internal keyboard and an external USB keyboard
  • It magically works if I use the Remote Desktop client and connect to another computer.

I tried this keyboard key test software: link.

Every key works (i.e. it becomes green when pressed) except for the Esc key.
The only way to make it green is to press Shift + Esc. When I press this key combination, both the Esc key and the Shift key become green.

I've read about problems with Esc key and Photoshop or Catalyst Control Center (CCC). I never installed Photoshop. I have CCC, but even terminating CCC.exe via Task Manager, the Esc key doesn't work (and in the past I had CCC for a long time and the Esc key was working correctly).

I think there's something to fix inside the Windows registry... How do I fix this problem?

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I finally found the cause to my problem.
The Esc key was intercepted by QZoom (link).
I changed the shortcut keys and now my Esc key works again. :)

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You should check with Autoruns if there is some strange application active. Plus, try to disable from start CCC to see if that makes the problem or not.

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