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I use parallels to run a windows machine and would love to make an alias in my .profile to make a shortcut to my project folder, but the following alias below dosn't seem to work.

alias trustpilot=/Volumes/C/Projects/stable
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Aliases are for commands.
Like alias trustpilot = 'cd /Volumes/C/Projects/stable' lets you change to the directory by issuing the command trustpilot.
If you want to cd $trustpilot to your directory then you have to add it as a variable (without alias, just: trustpilot = '/Volumes/C/Projects/stable') to your shell profile.

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Thanks for clarifying this :) – lajlev Apr 22 '12 at 14:08

Assuming you want the alias to change directory to the wanted directory:

alias trustpilot="cd /Volumes/C/Projects/stable"

Now writing


will "cd" you to that directory.

If you want a symbolic link (a file that points to the directory in question) you can do

ln -s /Volumes/C/Projects/stable ~/trustpilot

This gives you a directory in your home that points to /Volumes/C/Projects/stable, so you can do e.g. cd trustpilot from your home to go there.

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You could try making an alias to it:

alias trustpilot='cd /Volumes/C/Projects/stable'

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