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I have a ton of filters which move various messages based on their subjects to different folders. I don't need to know about these in real-time. However there are a small number of important messages that I do want to be alerted for (these stay in the inbox).

The problem is that when I receive one of those important emails, the new mail alert displays the subjects of the emails that were filtered out, and not the one I just received (i.e the one in the inbox).

In other words, instead of seeing an alert that says: "You have received 1256 new messages" followed by the subjects of 4 filtered messages (and not the important one that's in the inbox), I would like to see "You have received 1 new message" with the subject of the important one.

Is there any way to configure Thunderbird in this way? Note that I don't get new mail alerts when I get an email that's filtered, it's just that the alert shows these filtered emails when I get one that's not filtered.

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