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I'm SSHing into a Linux machine using PuTTY and trying to copy a file down somewhere (anywhere) to my local machine. I figure SCP is the best candidate for the job but don't really care, so long as the solution works!

I cd to the directory containing the file I want (app.war) and type the following:

scp app.war ./

I've tried both to no avail:

scp app.war ./C:/Users/myUser/
scp app.war ./Users/myUser/

It got me thinking that perhaps SCP is a client/server tool and requires a client on my Windows machine, which isn't there.

Am I just using the wrong syntax? Or am I way off-base? If so, what options do I have? Thanks in advance!

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The real answer to this question is here : . Syntax is scp some_file user@host:/c/temp – Benj Jul 2 '15 at 8:12
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in order for you to copy files back to your Windows you need SSH daemon/service to be running on your Windows, it's much easier to use this tool instead, it has an ability to import sessions from Putty, very plain forward client you'll love it!

WinSCP :: Free SFTP and FTP client for Windows

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Just an awesome tool :). Loved it \m/ – Chaitanya Oct 3 '13 at 6:56
It does not really answer the original question, which was living in the command-line. See my comment below original question. – Benj Jul 2 '15 at 8:14
@Benj OP asked for solution, WinSCP is a good solution for that task. – alexus Apr 28 at 13:42

You are correct. SSHD is the SSH server services that runs on the host. It accepts connections from SSH clients (like PuTTy), SCP clients, and SFTP clients.

You can download pscp from the same website where PuTTY is hosted.

From the windows machine, you would execute a command similar to

pscp.exe c:\tmp

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To SCP a file to a Windows machine, you need an SSH/SCP server on the Windows. There's no native SSH/SCP support in Windows, so you need to use a 3rd party server.

Microsoft is now working on porting OpenSSH to Windows, but it's not mature yet. See Is IIS SFTP natively supported by Windows?

Though as you SSH into the Linux server from the Windows machine, you actually can download a file from the Linux server to the Windows server, instead of trying to upload the file from the Linux server to Windows server.

In you have an SSH access from Windows to Linux, you have SCP access too (or even better an SFTP access).

Use any SCP/SFTP client available.

You can use WinSCP SFTP/SCP client, which has both GUI and command-line interface.

Another alternative is PuTTY toolset, which includes pscp command-line tool with a syntax similar to OpenSSH scp command.

(I'm the author of WinSCP)

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is there a version of pscp for OSX/Linux? – codingknob May 18 at 18:55

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