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I have a website (Joomla), where I wish to share MP3 files. Every week, we have a new MP3 recording. I would like to make the weekly upload as simple as possible. The typical hassle looks like this:

  1. Log in to Joomla as admin
  2. Upload the new MP3 file
  3. Edit the download page: adding the link referring to the new file.

This would work, but it is certainly not simple. I am thinking of having the entire solution automated, somehow like Dropbox does. Just copy the new MP3 to a dedicated folder, and let the system do all the upload and link creation hassle. Unfortunately, Dropbox does not allow website visitors to browse/list the content of its public folder.

Important: the MP3-s do not need to be copied to OUR Joomla site. Any public site is fine from Dropbox till Skydrive or anywhere else. But I wish to have some automated solution of having links appearing within our Joomla site.

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  1. Use a Dropbox folder on your machine
  2. Make the folder public
  3. Write a script enumerating the public URLs of the files in that folder (REST API reference)
  4. Have the script results on your sites - people will click the links and would actually download from Dropbox

I believe you need to register to have access to the Dropbox API - but it's free.

Good luck!

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If you want to specifically use Dropbox, then why not use one of the extensions for Joomla that connect to your Dropbox account.

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Building off Traveling Tech Guy's solution, DropboxIndex is a Python script that generates an HTML file with links to the files in a Dropbox public folder.

What the workflow would then be:

  1. Put the MP3s in the Public folder
  2. Run the script to regenerate the HTML file

In Joomla, you would then link to the index.html file that it generates.

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