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I found that if using Acrobat 10 to copy and paste to my gmail, the text will be all messed up, but if I use Mac's Preview app to copy and paste to gmail, then the text is 99% good -- with the heading font size, color, etc, all in good proportion and formatting relative to other text.

However, there is one thing: the forced hyphenation. Suppose the PDF has

Mary has a little lamb.  Johnny has a little chicken.  Michael has a soft-
ware computer.

So if the above is copied and pasted else where, it may appear as:

Mary has a little lamb.  Johnny has a little
chicken.  Michael has a soft- ware computer.

So the "forced" hyphenation is added like that. It doesn't look easy, but is there really a way to removed all these forced hyphenations?

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Most text editors have a search and replace function. Somwetimes you can directly to access it with CTRL +H.

You can use this to search all instances of "- " (hyphen and a space) and replace it with "" (nothing). You would have to check that there are no other occurrences of a hyphen and space which you do not want to replace before doing this.

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this is one good solution... if somebody told me this original problem I might have spotted the same answer, but if I see this problem myself I thought of something else... weird... i was looking more in the level of PDF and see if the hyphenation can be skipped... – 太極者無極而生 Apr 20 '12 at 23:23

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