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I have an English version of Windows 7, but my keyboard is Japanese.

However, even though I choose a Japanese keyboard (Microsoft IME) under Keyboard and Languages, the layout isn't right. I think it's English layout, but I can't be sure.

Anyway, I want the layout and usage to be exactly like it is on a Japanese Windows 7, as there are some nice (mouse free) shortcuts to change between input modes. Any suggestions?

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You can edit the registry to change from a 101 key keyboard to a 106 key keyboard. Go to:

Change the value of LayerDriver JPN from "kbd101.dll" to "kdb106.dll", and three other settings.

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I also had to change the KeyboardSubType to 2. I followed the official Microsoft directions found here: – Peter Jan 2 '14 at 13:17

Find the following registry key:


change these entries:

LayerDriver JPN REG_SZ kbd106.dll
OverrideKeyboardIdentifier REG_SZ PCAT_106KEY
OverrideKeyboardSubtype DWORD 2
OverrideKeyboardType DWORD 7
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