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I am trying to include Chapter number before Figure numbers for each Chapter in MS Word 2007. Every new Chapter would start with Figure number 1. For example the caption for first figure of Chapter 4 would be: Figure 4-1:....

However, Word is including 0 as Chapter number for all the Chapters. Also, I get this command when I try to include the Chapter numbers from the captions:

enter image description here

Note that even though the Caption shows 1-1 where as infact the 1 is shown as 0 below actual Figures.

How can I correct this and be able to include Chapter numbers other than just 0 in every caption. Thanks.

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Your error is because the chapter numbers were not correctly assigned to begin with. You have to assign them correctly before you can begin captioning figures.

  1. Assign chapter numbers using a 'multilevel list' along with a style. Word needs these to be correctly assigned to properly caption the figures. Go to Home > Multilevel List and assign a number to the chapter, and update its style to 'Heading 1' enter image description here

  2. When you right-click your image to caption it, click on 'Numbering' and check the option 'Include chapter number'. From the drop-down box make sure that the style 'Heading 1' is selected as shown below: enter image description here

  3. This gives a perfect caption for each image, as the following shows: enter image description here

Alternatively, if you want to get better looking headings you can define your own format by going to Home > Multilevel list > Define new multilevel list. Define the number format and then customize the style (fonts, font sizes, paragraph and so on) for Heading 1.

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