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I have asus a7S333 motherboard and can't hear sound, so is there any where to find universal asus sound driver or driver for motherboard that use xp?

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A quick Google search led me here: ASUS A7S333 Driver Download page.

Try installing the one closest to the top of the page (V5.12.01.0635) and see if it works. Let us know the results!

Edit: Try ASUS download page. Select your OS (WinXP) from the dropdown. Click on Audio. Try the link that says "Global".

The read-me file in there is pretty unhelpful, so after unzipping, try opening Device Manager (Windows Key + Pause Break), choosing your audio/sound card, choosing to update the drivers, and try pointing the installer to the unzipped folder. As before, let us know the results!

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yes it working thanks a lot – ana Apr 22 '12 at 2:26

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