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I've done a lot of reading on this issue, and found that there are a lot of XP machines which encounter a l_intl.nls file corruption or deletion.

However, now when I boot my PC, I receive this error:

XP cannot boot because....corrupt or missing:


Use the installation disk...etc..etc..

Anyway, I used the original XP disk to find this file, I could only find: l_intls.nl_

I decided to expand l_intls.nl_ to my C: anyway and rename it to lOintl.nls, which removed the "missing or corrupt page", however all it does not is hang on loading.

I've used chkdsk C: /r to try and fix the problem, but it only returns:

one or more unrecoverable errors found

I've also tried to boot in Safe mode with the same issue.

There are 0 articles online about this particular file. Could someone please direct me in the method that will fix this problem correctly, even if it's an upload of their own lOintls.nls file.


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