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I dual booted my xp installing linux mint 12.

2 days ago I downloaded the Android SDK, on Eclipse Indigo (on Linux Mint) and now I can't start Linux Mint, nor XP. I can only use XP in safe mode, I don't know if the SDK has anything to do with it.

There's something wrong with the boot loader, I guess. I might be wrong. I am able to choose which OS to boot using the grub menu but both OS won't work, the PC will somehow freeze or shutdown, I don't know how to describe it properly.

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linux is my default boot loader – user Apr 22 '12 at 15:14
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just to close the topic, it was a vga problem, i had to buy another one

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My hint would be to use the cd of Mint to reinstall grub, I would also follow the tutorial this girl says on how to do that properly. How to reinstall Grub2

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Try entering these commands in the Command prompt by inserting your Windows 7 Installation or Repair Disc:

  • BootRec.exe /fixmbr
  • BootRec.exe /fixboot
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