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I have compressed some files with NanoZip on Linux with:

./nz c a -cc files/*

Now I'm trying to extract them with

./nz x file_copy/*

but I can't find the output. The same goes for

./nz x -o file_copy/*

It says that I have extracted everything, and it takes a long time to do that. I just can't find the extracted files.

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Offtopic. I would not consider a file compressor a tool related to programming. – madth3 Apr 19 '12 at 23:55
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./nz c a -cc files/*
Unknown command c

I assume you actually did something like

./nz a -cc files/*

to compress the files

To unpack, your line should be

./nz x -ofile_copy 

Note the lack of space between -o and its argument (run nz without arguments to see the syntax). You should also just define a single output directory argument; the * in your -o file_copy/* is expanded by the shell to

  • nothing if the file_copy dir does not exist or is empty, and to
  • the files currently in the file_copy dir if it is not empty.

On my system, the binary just segfaults though, so I can't try it "for real".

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