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I am new to Telnet. I have been trying to connect to different servers. I type the following command in my Linux terminal:


and then after sometime I get the message:

unable to connect to remote host: connection timed out

What might I be doing wrong?

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If ping responds(assuming no firewall blocks it)

telnet <port>


telnet 743.125.236.160 80
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Somehow I don't think Google (the owner of that range of IP addresses) has allowed remote telnet access for newbie users!

Try something a little more vulnerable and not so well firewalled, like another device on your local LAN such as a network connected printer or your router.

Attempting a telnet connection to outside devices can sometimes be interpreted as launching an attack on them, and appropriate security responses may result.

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Have you checked your firewall settings?

Is the ip address correct? Is telnet on the remote system listening on a port that isn't 23?

Can you connect using a different machine? Can you connect to any other machines?

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